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Create a greater impact in the lives of kids and teenagers every day

Power a more engaging ministry with the strategy trusted by 10,000+ churches

Say what matters

You have the most important message on the planet — but you have limited hours to teach kids everything you want them to know.

Each Orange Curriculum provides a teaching plan — we call it our scope and cycle — that prioritizes core insights and recycles them creatively for every phase of a kid’s life.

So it matters

Kids and teenagers may not embrace the truth you teach if you don’t engage their interests and show them how it applies to their everyday life.

Orange’s approach is based on brain science and developmental research to equip you to meet kids and teenagers right where they are!

Feel supported like never before

Tired of last minute prep?  Spend your time doing what only you can do with an extraordinarily comprehensive curriculum and a team of specialists supporting you each week. 

Launch a strategic plan for your entire year

Get a teaching roadmap that will level-up how kids and teenagers learn and apply truth as they grow.

See why 49% of the fastest growing churches use Orange

“It sets me up to help my small group leaders and parents while also giving me more time to be in kids lives.”
Chase Treece
“I can’t imagine doing ministry without Orange! They take care of all the details to allow us to minister to families and shine each week!”
Jody Shelton
“The month-to-month/year-to-year scope is fantastic. So is the scalability. The language in the teaching scripts is very natural.”
Curt Campbell

Unlimited support

No one should do ministry alone.

With every Orange subscription you unlock access to a certified ministry coach dedicated to help you win in your ministry and with your curriculum all year long.

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