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Everything You Need to Host a Christmas Event with the Families in Your Community

A Christmas Party Big Enough for the Whole Family

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Christmas should be simple.  It’s God’s  “Big Give” to all of us. 
Simplify your Christmas gift to families in your community with Jingle Jam. 

Create a super fun and welcoming event with a free event kit to help you plan, promote, and host a meaningful and memorable Christmas experience.

Get a scripted program with all the materials you need to help you plan, promote, and host an experience the families in your community.

1. Plan

Simplify the prep of your event with volunteers and decoration resources.

2. Promote

Spread the word with marketing materials like postcards and flyers.

3. Host

Dazzle families with memorable music, games, and the Christmas story.
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Free Event Kit Includes:

Jingle Jam just made Christmas programming easier.

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Upgrade Your Event with Our Add-On Media Package

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Shine even brighter with several media elements – including the Christmas story video, fun music, a complete social media plan, and so much more!

Let us take care of the details so you can focus on your volunteers as you create a fun, family-centered event celebrating God’s greatest gift — Jesus. 

Available now for only $99!

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Add-On Media Package Includes:

Jingle Jam Logo – Grayscale & Color
Simply Christmas Logo – Grayscale & Color
Supporting Art Files

Christmas Story Video
Themed Countdown Videos
• 10 Second Video
• 60 Second Video
Themed Transition Videos
Virtual Jingle Jam Experience Video

Thank You Gift Card
Thank You Postcard
Training Meeting Notes
T-Shirt Artwork

Chord Charts
Dance Instrumental Videos
Live Lyric Videos
Lyric Sheets
Performance Tracks

Email Header
Event Banner

Carousel Image Sets
Images – Story & Grid Sizes
Posting Guide
Social Posts & Captions
Videos & GIFs 

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