How to access curriculum in the XP3 HS/MS Complete or Supplemental Package

How to access curriculum in the XP3 HS Flex Package

Transferring into the New XP3 HS System

Transferring into the New XP3 MS System

Purchasing XP3 MS/HS when it's Time to Renew


There are different options in the new system…what was I transferred into?

If you were an XP3 MS user with a license that expired after Summer of 2018, you received an email on March 19 titled “Second time is a charm – Setting up your XP3MS curriculum account” which has instructions & the coupon code to convert your MS license into the new system. If you did not receive this email, then your license most likely expired after Summer of 2018 and it is time to renew.

If you were an XP3 HS intro level user in the old system (75 credits), you were transferred into the Complete package for XP3 HS. This means you currently have access in the new system to the full Spring & Summer seasons, with access to the Fall season on June 1st. That is a total of 12 series on the new system until you’d need to renew!

If you were an XP3 HS level 2 users in the old system (255 credits), you were transferred into the Flex package with Video for XP3 HS. This means you have access to the 4 coupon codes per season to use in the series library through the end of your license. When you follow the prompts (shown in the flex tutorial), it will lead you to a PDF with those coupon codes and the link to the HS library.

Are XP3 HS teaching videos still available for individual purchase?
Yes. Individual teaching videos are available for purchase here for XP3 HS. They are not available for XP3 MS.
I had licensed some series in the old system, but they’re not showing up in the new system. Do I have to purchase those again?
Definitely not! The old system cannot inform the new system on what you had previously licensed. We tried to communicate that to all partners before hand, but realize it wouldn’t have reached everyone. If you had licensed series in the old system you did not download before March 20, please email your Orange Specialist and we can email those directly to you.
I had unused credits in my XP3 HS license when the new system launched on March 20. Did I just lose those?
All XP3 HS users were transferred into the new system based on their purchase date, not their remaining credits. In our messages before the launch, we had encouraged everyone to use all the credits they had left before March 20 as a bonus Then, they’d still be receiving 4 series per season until their subscription ran out in the new system. We promise we’re not interested in your church losing out on any money, so if there’s any piece of this that doesn’t make sense or seems like you’re not getting what you paid for, please let us know and we’ll make it right.
If I had an XP3 MS Plus license, do I still have to purchase the media package on the new site to get the videos I had already paid for?
Absolutely not. When each season is available, we will be emailing out the MS teaching videos to everyone who had a Plus license when they were transferred over. So, for instance, you’ll log in to the new store to download all Fall content on June 1. You’ll also receive an email to the account you purchased XP3 MS with which has your Fall videos.
I thought the old system was fine, why did you change this?
Our previous system was over 10 years old and had multiple technical constraints including not being able to hold all of our curriculums. For those of you who had both XP3 HS and MS licenses know that pain of having to purchase in two different ways and also receive content in two different ways. That’s why we needed to build a new one that was more stable, efficient and allowed us to house all of our curriculum/resources on the same site.
With all of these changes, will the cost be different next time I purchase?
Possibly. It might be cheaper or it might be more expensive based on whether or not your group has grown or which of the new options you choose from. To learn more about the new tiers, click here and to see a full pricing chart, click here. If pricing is an option, you can apply for a scholarship at
So, if I purchase or was transferred into Complete or Supplemental, then I’m stuck doing things within your Scope & Cycle?
Not necessarily. We do develop a Scope & Cycle to help give partners a strategy for the year. But in those particular packages, you will only be getting the most recent released seasons, but you can choose to use those within our suggested dates or in whatever way you could prefer. Essentially, at any given time you purchase, you might have 8 current series available to you which you can choose to schedule out and use in whatever way you’d like. If you look at the focused yearly scopes for MS and HS at, you can plan your year ahead to decide where to plan certain series even before they are released. Your Orange Specialist can help you think through this too!
How can I add users to our license?
Once you’re logged in, click “My Account” toward the top. Then click the “Churches and Team Management” tab. From there, click the “Manage my Team”. From there, you’ll notice a drop down box under the “back to organization” button where you can choose a specific license. From there, you can determine if a user is an administrator or a member. Below that, you can add any new users not listed.
I’ve added a user to my XP3 Flex account, but they’re not able to see the series that I’ve licensed in their “my downloads”.

This is an issue with our system. This should be working for them, but it is not. We’re trying to get this fixed as soon as possible. Three possible options in the meantime would be….

  • Change your password to a generic password in order to share your current account.
  • Use a service like dropbox to load the files, and then share the dropbox folder with them.
  • Give them the info/tutorial on how to use the coupon codes to get each series you want them to have access to. Their coupon codes will also work even though you’d already used yours on your account.

Again, we’re so sorry for the inconvenience with this and will be working toward a resolution that doesn’t involve workarounds.

I’m still confused, who do I reach out to for help?

No problem, we totally get this can be confusing. Partner Support is here to help with any questions about billing, log in, pricing concerns, account management or purchasing questions. If you notice any bugs or issues with the site, you can also reach out to Partner support.

If you have questions regarding curriculum, strategy or implementation, reach out to your Orange Specialist ( if you’re not sure).

Orange Partner Support (Monday – Friday | 9:00 am – 5:00 pm | Eastern Time)