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Get the word out about your VBS page with your very own VBS event landing page. Orange VBS partnered with Ministry Designs to provide a digital way to announce to your community, display a promo video, or give information about your VBS.

1. Launch your Free Event Page

Simply sign up below to launch your free page. You will receive an email after signup with your website login credentials.

2. Customize Your Page

Once you access your prebuilt template you can customize it further using the website builder tools. Add your church logo, name, date of your event, and more. View this full training video to walkthrough step by step.

3. Add Your Registration Form Or Link

Take registrations by adding your VBS registration/signup form link to each of the registration buttons. This can a google form, signup genius form, or even your own church form. Simply copy and paste your form link to each registration buttons.

Taking volunteer signups? You can add that form link to each of the Volunteer buttons. If not you can delete those buttons by simply right clicking and deleting each volunteer button.

4. Publish Your Page

Once you finish customizing it will be time to publish your VBS Landing Page!

Your custom website address will be:

On the builder dashboard you will be able to decide what you want your unique URL extension to be, whether that be your church’s name or an abbreviation.

5. Share your Link with Familes

🎉  Congratulations! 🎉

Now you can share your fully customized webpage to your families, link it to your social channels/church website, and add it your marketing materials.

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