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Christina Paiva Headshot

Meet Christina.

Orange Kids Specialist


What’s your ministry background?
I’ve chosen kids ministry for over 30 years, and I’m also a mama to four kids from preschool to high school. Most of my ministry has been in my beautiful hometown of San Diego, with short stints across the midwest and Asia.

From choir to licensed pastor; paper bag puppets to strategic planning; praying for pregnancies to praying for deliverance; start-up churches to multisite megachurches; suburbia to the culturally-rich-yet-resource-poor heart of the city… I can’t wait to see what He does when we team up together with churches.

Favorite Food?
My mom’s home-cooked Filipino food, which I try to recreate at times. In a close second place is a tie between a medium rare steak, and any food that someone else provides so I don’t have to cook.

Favorite Candy?
100 Grand Bar

Who was a hero or character you looked up to growing up? Why?
Miss Piggy — confidence, talent, and karate chops!

What’s something that you think everyone should know about you?
“I’m not like a regular mom. I’m a cool mom.” And I like to quote movies.

If you could have one item that is orange colored…what would it be?
An orange VW Beetle. It’s a classic that would be so fun to drive around town in!

All time Favorite movie?
Clueless and Disney’s Aladdin (the original 90s version)

Favorite Hobby?
Singing and hip-hop dancing

Favorite song and/or artist
My faves include Elvis, Frank, The Beatles, Whitney, Journey, Lauryn…and most Disney animated movie soundtracks.

What’s your enneagram?
Type 1

What are you most excited about as an OS?
Encouraging, equipping, and empowering leaders to be the best God-versions of themselves, and seeing how God’s presence and purpose manifests in so many different ways through His people. Also, getting to be on the team that brings you Orange Conference and Orange Tour!

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