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Partner with schools.
Create a bigger impact.

Locate, reach out, and start partnering with schools in your area. On the map below, select your state and city, then hover over the orange dots to browse Title I funded schools near you.

School data not reported by California, Illinois, and Indiana. 

What are Title 1 public schools?

Public schools in which children from low-income families make up at least 40% of enrollment are eligible for Title 1 funds to help meet educational needs. Children and students in Title 1 schools often face more challenges such as food insecurity that also affect their educational success.

Why partner with public schools?

The experience a kid or teenager has at school is more influential than the experience they have in our ministries for one reason: time. Yet many schools find themselves under-supported and under-resourced to provide the kind of experience kids and teenagers need for success. Our churches can be part of the solution. Our churches can come alongside schools to help make a more positive impact in the lives of more kids and teenagers.

How can churches partner with the schools in their community?

Churches have an opportunity to show up for the teachers, principals, and staff in a way no other organization can. When ministry leaders meet, encourage, volunteer, donate or personally connect with the leaders influencing the kids and teenagers in their community in a real way, they can make a bigger impact—and begin to rebuild trust with our communities.

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How to Partner with Your Local School

When public schools win, the next generation wins. Let’s influence the future of the next generation together.