an orange masterclass with reggie joiner

The mission is too important not to try something new.

You know that every early morning, late night, last minute prop, coffee meetup, and meeting-that-could’ve-been-an-email is so worth it.

And when you believe in what you do this much, you do everything you can to make it better.



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This comprehensive training will walk you through the five Orange Essentials. You’ll use these pillars to build a foundation that unlocks a greater impact and unleashes innovation in your ministry. 

Chances are, you want to win at being a kids or youth pastor because you believe in what you do, and you’re accountable to someone who evaluates what you do. Which means redesigning your ministry to last is important to you and those over you. But there is one overarching value you need to start with if you want to build something that lasts.

We all want our ministries to build momentum and move in a positive direction. However, the key to momentum is not having a talented team, but a team that works well together. Simply put, to have momentum you need synergy, but what is synergy and how can you create synergy for your team? 

If we’re going to redesign our ministries to last, we need to make sure the kids and teenagers in our ministries remember what we teach. But with an average of just 40 hours a year with the kids or teenagers in our ministries, that’s not easy to do. With such a limited amount of time, what should our messaging strategy look like? 

In this module, we’ll unpack why it’s important to partner with parents if we want to redesign ministries that last.

We can’t force kids and teenagers to have a relationship with God or positive relationships with other people. But we can create environments that facilitate a sense of community to help them grow in their faith.

All of these timeless values work together, but if we don’t prioritize this last timeless value, nothing else works. In this lesson, we’ll unpack why service is vital to our ministries and how it can impact how kids and teenagers see themselves. 

Built for both individuals and teams.


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This year will be one of the greatest years in the life of our Next Gen ministry. That’s because our team has embraced the strategy from the masterclass. After all, present momentum and future progress of the church depends on how we prioritize parents and families. This masterclass will give you the tools to help your ministry do just that.
Robert Purvey
This course was an amazing journey. I was reminded of many practical tools that served as guides back to the strategic thinking that I absolutely knew was necessary in order to move our organization and ministry forward in this season.
Keturah Boston

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