Orange Academics

Become a Family Ministry Strategy Expert With An Advanced Degree

Orange, in partnership with Southeastern University, offers leaders the opportunity to enhance their leadership training with formal coursework and degrees. Expand your leadership potential by earning a Certificate in Orange Family Ministry or SEU’s Master of Arts in Ministerial Leadership, with courses designed exclusively for Orange leaders.

Because people with orange caps and gowns tend to stand out from the crowd.

Enhance your Leadership Training

Move beyond an Orange 101 mindset with formal coursework to help you implement the family ministry model most effective to impact the faith of kids and teenagers today.

Expand your Leadership Potential

We’ve partnered with several organizations and universities to provide you with the program that best fits your needs—whether it’s a certificate program or master’s program.

Enhance Your Leadership

An Orange Degree Will . . .

make your resume stand out

accelerate your career in family ministry

give you the tools to innovate for the future of the church

Currently Partnering With . . .

Want to get an Orange Masters?

Want to get your Orange Certificate?

Want to get your Orange Certificate?

Certificate in Orange Family Ministry

Southeastern University’s certificate for Orange Conference attendees provides academic credit for family ministry leaders who seek a deeper understanding of the Orange strategy. The content of these courses builds on the content of the Orange Conference, allowing you to earn this 3-course certificate in a reduced amount of time.

Master of Arts in Ministerial Leadership

SEU’s Master of Arts in Ministerial Leadership (MAML) provides you with highly effective training in several areas of practical ministry. Through the partnership with Orange, you will also gain relevant training that most effectively serves today’s children and teens by applying the core values of the Orange Family Ministry model.

Program Details
3 courses (9 credit hours)
$400 per course
8-week courses

Certificate Courses
Leadership of Family Ministry
Developing Family Ministry Strategy
Elevating Key Family Influences

Program Details
36 credits hours
$525 per credit hour
Complete in 1-2 years

Certificate Courses
Managing Change & Conflict
Leadership and Learning for Nonprofit Organizations
Foundational Partnerships & Collective Impact
Developing Dynamic Teams & Community