The ALL NEW MVP Box 2019-2020 launches in...








This year’s theme:

What’s in the MVP Box?

What MPV customers are saying:

This event was amazing! We recruited over 35 volunteers for kids and student ministry. This is the most we ever have recruited from something like this. It was amazing!”

“It took the things we were already doing, added a few, and streamlined them. We still put our own touches in, but gave us such a great starting point. Plus we are a multi-site church, so it made it easy for us to be more on the same page.”

“At our Volunteer Kick-off, almost all of our K-5 leaders were in attendance.  The SGLs are communicating with one another and taking more ownership of our programs and their kids than I’ve ever seen before. We still have work to do and progress to be made, but I am so excited for our path. It is because of the MVP box.”