An online masterclass-style experience helping your to-do list become your to-done list.

We’re in an unprecedented time as we relaunch our ministries this summer.

That’s why we created Orange Labs, a masterclass-style training that features thought-leaders who are experts in their field. They can help you navigate ministry in the current culture and create a plan that relaunches your ministry even stronger than before. You’ll be able to choose from six topics which will be released one per week starting in June 2020.

Choose from six different labs:

Marketing Your Church

You do important work in your community. It’s okay to let people know about it. Join Jon, Tripp, and Dave as you create an annual marketing plan designed specifically for your community.

Jon Acuff

Tripp Crosby

Dave Adamson

Kristen Ivy

Kara Powell

Vince Parker

Parent Ministry

Parents and caregivers have more influence in a kids life than we could ever have as ministry leaders. Join Kristen, Kara, and Vince to design a ministry strategy to help every parent win.

A Healthy Culture

We can only offer to others what we cultivate in ourselves. Join Mike, Nona, and Joel to implement new rhythms and practices that will keep your staff and volunteers healthy and ready to serve.

Mike Foster

Nona Jones

Joel Manby

Sherry Surratt

Meaghan Wall

Diane Kim

Ministering To Every Child

Every kid is unique, but some kids require particular intentionality. Join Sherry, Meghan, and Diane to raise the level of care and discipleship your ministry offers to kids with special needs.

Kids Ministry Volunteers

There are more kids in your community than you can disciple alone-but how do you find and keep the volunteers you need? Join Gina, Kellen, and Mike to begin recruiting exactly who you need for whatever is next.

Gina McClain

Kellen Moore

Mike Clear

Trey McKnight

Katie Edwards

Tom Shefchunas

Youth Ministry Volunteers

There are only so many TikTok accounts you can follow. You need some adult volunteers to help. but how do you find and keep the volunteers you need? Join Trey, Katie, and Shef to begin recruiting exactly who you need for whatever is next.

Receive exceptional training AND have a chance to have your questions answered by the experts.

We know the last thing you need is another “to- do” list. That’s why we’ve created these summer Labs so you can have a “to-done” list, working ON these concepts with digital workbooks as you go.

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