Children's Ministry Curriculum to Help You Make What Matters....Matter More

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First Look & 252 Kids Gives You

More Consistent Volunteers

by providing training, vision, and resources that allow them to invest more deeply in your ministry.

More Authentic Small Groups

by giving leaders a step-by-step activity plan that encourages interaction and solidifies a weekly key takeaway.

More Dedicated Support

by connecting you with a ministry specialist who offers guidance and experience for your unique age-group and environment

More Engaging Learning Experiences

by finding new and innovative ways to say, show, and teach timeless Biblical truths unique to each age level.

Partner With Parents

by strategically setting up your ministry and equipping you to engage parents.

More Customizable Programming

by providing adaptable messaging, activities, and environments that consider the needs of every child.

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2 Curriculums, 1 Strategy

Orange Kids curriculum strives to provide you with the tools to make life easier and a strategy for both church AND home to give kids a faith that will last forever and make your church a place they want to be.

First Look Preschool Curriculum

As a children’s ministry leader, you want your preschoolers to grow up understanding that:

God Made them.
God Loves them.
Jesus Wants To Be Their Friend Forever.

First Look curriculum combines developmental biblical learning with intentional love and safety to ensure that every preschooler embraces a God who is bigger than their imagination

Check out the Scope & Cycle (curriculum schedule)

252 Kids Elementary & Preteen Curriculum

252 Kids curriculum is created to engage elementary and preteens to grow up understanding that they can:

Make wiser choices
Build stronger relationships
Develop a deeper authentic faith

252 Kids curriculum weaves worship misic, bible story scripts, small group activities, video experiences, and more to reinforce one clear and simple bottom line each week so kids can walk away and remember what matters most.

Check out the Scope & Cycle (curriculum schedule)


  • Multi-age Large Group Experience
  • Age Specific Programming
  • Scripts & Outlines
  • Environmental Files
  • Monthly Worship Song
  • Customizable Curriculum Documents
  • Multi-age Small Group Experience
  • Customizable Curriculum Documents
  • Special Needs Adaptation Documents
  • Supplies and Planning Documents
  • Parent Cue Conversation Cards
  • Social Media Plan w/ images & captions
  • Email and Communication Plan
  • God Time Child Devotional Cards
  • Monthly Worship Song & Dance Video
  • Countdown Video
  • Host Intro & Outro Videos
  • 252 Story (Bible Story Video for K-3)
  • 252 Movie (Bible Story Video for 4-5)
  • Wonder Video (Preschool Story Video)
  • Get Reel (Five Monthly Videos that Inspire Key Faith Skills)
  • Motion Graphics & Loops
  • Themed Audio Transitions Customizable
  • Graphics Files
  • Production Files in Pro Presenter and PowerPoint
  • Create the Environment
  • Guides Tech Sheets
  • Supply Lists
  • Planning and Setup Documents
  • Scripts
  • Graphics
  • Monthly Volunteer Appreciation Materials
  • Lead Small App
  • Monthly Vision Casting Plan

A dedicated and experienced ministry expert to help you implement Orange Kids curriculum in your church. Your Os will be by your side to help connect, customize and coach you and your team.


Check out how Orange Kids Curriculum helps leaders make each week matter in their children’s ministry environment.

It takes more than a few people to get great curriculum.

As ministry leaders, we’ve been at this for decades and have experienced the same weight of feeling alone and thinking that your efforts don’t matter. And we know it takes more than a few people behind a desk to create a great curriculum. That’s why we’ve partnered with an entire community of brilliant writers, educators, thinkers, strategists, designers, counselors, and ministry experts to develop Orange Kids Curriculum.

orange offers a church-wide strategy for every phase of life, from birth to graduation