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VBS Volunteer Feedback to Improve for Next Year

VBS Volunteer Feedback to Improve for Next Year

A few days ago, I shared some thoughts on “5 Crucial Questions for VBS Evaluation Forms for Parents” and I hope that you guys found that helpful. Today, I wanted to take some time to write down more ideas about volunteer feedback. These are the people that make nearly every aspect of Vacation Bible School possible!

Whether you’re blessed enough to have an entire squad of volunteers, or you’re excited when a handful of volunteers show up, the lessons you’ll learn from this crew will be invaluable.

Valuing VBS Volunteer Feedback

I’ve personally been in VBS World for (a-hem) more than a couple of decades. And I’ve come to learn that there is a secret to getting your volunteers to be fully bought in. The more you value your volunteers, the more committed they will be to the vision.

Valuing your volunteer team happens in a variety of ways, and we’re going to dive deep into one of these today. But here are a few ways that you can elevate this team:

  • Communicate often
  • Give them big responsibilities
  • Start and end on time
  • Set expectations clearly
  • Cast clear vision for their role
  • Plan appreciation events and gifts
  • Write thank you notes
  • Give them shout-outs on social media

When it comes to understanding what works well, what could work better, and how to improve your VBS program, soliciting feedback from your volunteer team is an absolute MUST. These are the leaders that are in the trenches alongside the kids attending your program. So if something isn’t working, or alternatively, if there is a WIN, your volunteers will probably know about it before you do!

And when you take the time to really listen to the input from your volunteers, you’ll be making relational deposits into each one of them. AND THAT TRANSLATES INTO COMMITMENT!

Surveys and Evaluation Forms for Volunteer Feedback

In my experience, there will always be a handful of volunteer leaders who make sure that you get their input – solicited or not. But those who serve and aren’t as vocal will need a little assistance to be heard. That’s where having a great VBS Volunteer Survey comes in!
Check out these three VBS Volunteer Surveys – including one that comes in both PDF and editable Microsoft Word formats. Take a look at the questions asked within these forms and determine what combination of questions will best serve your VBS planning team.

A couple more tips for collecting your VBS Volunteer Feedback:

  • Plan your feedback process well before your VBS program. Make the topic of getting feedback from both parents and volunteers one of your planning meeting agenda items and assign tasks related to it to individuals on your leadership team. Don’t leave this important step to be overlooked when you’re exhausted and lacking sleep during VBS week.
  • Determine how your VBS Volunteers will respond best to a survey. Will your team be more likely to answer an online survey? Or will they do best with old-fashioned paper and pen?
  • Pick some key volunteers to get together in a small group setting (maybe over lunch or coffee) and talk with them directly to get their feedback in a casual setting.

Whatever you do, keep in mind that your VBS Volunteers are THE KEY to having a great program! Ensure that they catch the vision of your VBS program early. Empower them to be a part of your team. And value their feedback!

And as always, Keep Calm and VBS On!

VBS Volunteer Surveys (with free downloadable examples and editable templates!)

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