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Aligning Your Team With An Integrated Strategy

Your church has a very strategic leader in it. This person is there every weekend making sure that things go as planned.

It is not the senior pastor.
It is not the children’s pastor
It is not the student pastor
It’s not even the worship leader

As leaders, we spend a TON of time on the vision, mission and values. This is a very important thing. But having a solid mission doesn’t promise success.

Strategy, Not Curriculum

A curriculum equips leaders, but a strategy develops them. A curriculum facilitates a meeting, but a strategy prioritizes community. A curriculum provides information, but a strategy mobilizes students to experience what they are learning.

Build A Legacy, Not Just A Great Service

I think about the pressure we often place on Sundays here in the U.S. We labor over the messages and lesson plans, we do our best to captivate with lights, sound, images and storylines. And we measure success by beautiful moments or well-executed programs. But what if we shifted our perspective to see that Sundays are a piece rather than the whole—Sundays are but one chapter in the story of the Church each week.

Are You Dreading Sunday?

Can I tell you a secret? I used to dread Sundays. Like, I really hated Sundays. It’s an odd place to be for a leader in children’s ministry. It’s like playing on the basketball team and loving the practice yet dreading game day. I loved what I did. The vision and impact of my work […]

Measuring What Seems Un-Measurable

Some things in life are easy to measure. How many times did you tweet? How many Double Stuf Oreos did you eat? How many miles per gallon does your vehicle get? Some things in life are harder to measure. How much water is in the ocean? How many people live in the Ukraine? How much […]

4 Questions Every Ministry Leader Should Ask Themselves

“Every child deserves a champion, an adult who will never give up on them, who understand the power of connection, and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.” – Rita Pierson You’re part of a unique tribe of leaders who spend every week teaching programming and leading the next generation. If you’re going to […]

God Is like a Balloon

God Is like a Balloon

Maybe God is like a balloon. There are two ways to think about thinking. Maybe that sounds too philosophical to be practical, but it may be the most critical idea when it comes to how a kid relates to God. It’s also just one more thing that separates humans from the rest of creation. Animals […]

The Value of Debriefing Your Team

Anything worth doing, is worth reviewing, so we can see how to do it better. From worship services, to events, to camps and retreats, we have a responsibility to continue to improve and give God and our families the best experience possible. One of the ways to continually improve is to celebrate the wins and […]

The 5 W’s Of Planning A Successful Training Event

Awesome trainings keep me dreaming all night on Friday and then wake me up at the crack of dawn on Saturday. Whether attending as a participant or communicator, I am in love with the idea of getting better. In the same vein, the one thing that will raise my blood pressure is getting excited about […]

What It Means To Leverage Influence

Leverage Influence: Create consistent opportunities for students to experience personal ministry. We are all designed to live inside a story, to play a role in that story. Leaders who are thinking Orange must decide something about discipleship. If we fail to help kids make a practical investment of their time and energy in serving others, […]