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It’s an experience for 10 year old students through 12 year old students that meets the unique challenges facing this age group as well as the challenges facing those who lead them. The transition between children’s ministry and youth ministry is tricky, and we are committed to keeping our preteens involved and engaged during this time. Orange wants to partner with you to create environments so that your preteens can’t wait to return week after week.

252 PRETEEN is included with every license and subscription to 252 KIDS.

“We just launched 252 PRETEEN, and today I overheard one of the kids say to his parent at dismissal, ‘IT WAS AWESOME! I LOVE BEING A 4th GRADER.’ Never underestimate the potential a few bean bag chairs in a separate space can have.”

Phil Summers
Children’s Ministry Director – True North Community Church


  • The more we delve into Phase research, the more we understand the need for the Gospel to be presented to each age group in a way that best resonates with that phase. We’ll be using the same Scope & Cycle as 252 KIDS, but we’ll approach from the unique perspective of a preteen mind.
  • While 252 KIDS curriculum is based on a bottom line each week, 252 PRETEEN will begin with a question that helps set kids on a path to discover something true about God with a way for them to wrestle with it and personalize it to their unique situation.This question is set up each week during Large Group time.
  • For churches who have space to create a separate preteen Large Group environment, a complete script is provided for a host and a communicator. The host will introduce the Bible story while the communicator will set up the tension that preteens feel about the Bible story and give them a way to process that tension with the key question.
  • Moving into Small Groups, discussion will be driven by the key question – allowing kids to wrestle with their response and discover how the Bible story relates to their life.

Check out Dan Scott and Elloa Davis share the full strategy behind 252 PRETEEN here:

“I saw an immediate change once we started using 252 PRETEEN and the bottom line was changed into a key question. Preteens understand and they can grasp a bottom line quickly but the key question has them diving down deeper into it with their small group leader.”

Bobby Ikebudu
Children’s Ministry Director – Boca Raton Community Church


An annual license to 252 KIDS includes 12 months of curriculum for kids in grades Kindergarten through 5th grade.
This includes all of the resources that are part of 252 PRETEEN.

Pricing for 252 KIDS includes 252 PRETEEN.