A subscription to the 252 Kids curriculum gives you
an online-based licensing agreement to access
the following monthly materials:

COMPREHENSIVE LARGE GROUP SCRIPTS that includes an Opener, Bible Story, Worship, Closer and Prayer time.

STEP-BY-STEP SMALL GROUP PLANS featuring games, activities, group discussion, and activity pages to help introduce and then reinforce the Bible Story and Bottom Line.

All scripts are provided in an EDITABLE WEEKLY FORMAT that can be customized to fit the needs of your program.

Scripts and plans are also provided in a REPRODUCIBLE PDF FORMAT. These PDFs are newly revised and easier to use.

LARGE GROUP RESOURCES including screen images and theme graphics to enhance your large group environment.

ORIGINAL MONTHLY SONG to use in your environment each month.

Drama sketches and production notes for multi-media FAMILY EXPERIENCES designed for parents and kids to enjoy together.

WEEKLY GODTIME CARDS to help children establish a consistent devotional experience.

PARENT CUE ACTIVITIES to continue spiritual growth at home; available in both weekly and monthly formats.

WEEKLY SOCIAL MEDIA PLAN to help you connect with your parents through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

STUDIO252.TV is an online experience that provides great tools and resources for families to enjoy together at home or on the go.

FREE TRAINING RESOURCES to help you get the most out of 252 Basics.

AN ORANGE SPECIALIST to partner with you in your elementary ministry.

To view our current 252 KIDS Scope and Cycle (2017-2018), click here.
To view our current 252 PRETEEN Scope and Cycle (2017-2018), click here.

To view our previous Scope and Cycles:
(2016-2017) click here
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To view our Three-Year Overview Plan, click here.


We know that your passion is leading kids into relationship with Jesus. We also know that you have a budget and a bottom line to keep! That’s why our subscriptions are customized to your ministry size and offer a host of resources every single month.

Prices below reflect all materials for download as well as the annual usage license for the materials. Additionally, we’ll include secondary user licenses so that your staff and volunteers can access the curriculum materials on their own.

Future Pricing (For subscriptions purchased or renewed on or after March 20, 2018)
We’re excited to share details of the upcoming changes to the curriculum packages and pricing structure. Our partners have given lots of feedback and we’ve listened – creating more options for churches of all sizes!
More details can be found here: UPDATED 252 KIDS TIERS AND PRICING

Current Pricing (For subscriptions purchased or renewed on or before March 19, 2018)

Children’s Ministry Program Attendance Annual License, All materials Included Secondary Users
0 – 25 $625.00 10
26 – 50 $910.00 10
51 – 75 $1200.00 10
76 – 100 $1410.00 20
101 – 200 $1605.00 20
201 – 400 $1935.00 20
401 + $2465.00 30
* All fees are US Dollars
Additional Secondary Users Cost Per Year
10 $20.00
20 $40.00
30 $60.00
* All fees are US Dollars

When a church purchases a year license, the price is discounted significantly from the monthly cost. The Cancellation of the license nullifies that discount, and a fee of $200 for each downloaded month (full or partial) by any user on your account will be deducted from your refund. There is also a $50 cancellation fee. Cancellations are accepted within 60 days of account sign up or renewal with the following fees imposed: 1) $50.00 cancellation fee 2) $200.00 for each month’s curriculum previously downloaded. Only one cancellation per curriculum license is allowed per organization. The total refund due will equal the original license fee payment, less the $50 cancellation fee and any applicable download charges.