If you’re ready to partner with XP3 Middle School, there are two choices you’ll need to make.

1. Would you like a SEASON of curriculum? Or a YEAR of curriculum?

One season of curriculum = 4 series (12 weeks of content).
One year of curriculum = 16 series (48 weeks of content).
First Time Annual Subscribers: When you purchase one year of curriculum, you’ll get the current season for free! That’s 20 series (60 weeks of content). (For a limited time only.)
Renewals: When you renew your annual subscription, you’ll get 16 series (48 weeks of content).

2. Would you like the COMPACT edition? Or the PLUS edition?

With XP3 Middle School, you get to choose just how much content you’d like from us, based on the size and style of your ministry. Do you have 10 or fewer middle schoolers? Then you might want to go with Compact. Do you do a weekly production with games, worship, and a screen for videos and graphics? Then you might want to try Plus. The choice is yours. Here’s how they compare…


You’ll get everything in the Compact edition, plus

  • Teaching Videos for every session (12/season or 48/year)
  • A game for each week that compliments the teaching script (12/season or 48/year)
  • Access to a growing library of games
  • Editable Series Graphics
  • Bumper Videos (1 per series)
  • Loop Videos (1 per series)
  • Daily Scripture Images and Prompts
  • Student Note Pages
  • Social Media Plans and images for students and parents
  • Playlist Suggestions
  • Worship Set Suggestions
  • Bonus Training and Leadership Resources


Did you make your two decisions yet?
Would you like a SEASON or a YEAR?
Do you prefer COMPACT or PLUS?

Here’s how the pricing compares.

2016 PRICING (Price effective June 1, 2016)

SEASON $195 $265
YEAR $450 $615

* All fees are US Dollars


It’s simple - really!

Just click the button below, choose your favorite curriculum options from our store, and get started on the journey to being more strategic in the way you lead middle schoolers and partner with families in your ministry!

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Instant happiness!

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