About Us

Welcome to XP3 Middle School, a brand new middle school curriculum from Orange!

XP3 Middle School is a downloadable curriculum for students grades 6-8.

XP3 Middle School exists to help middle schoolers experience three things: wonder for who God is, discovery of who He created them to be, and passion for loving others. Everything we offer is designed to help middle schoolers begin to take ownership of their faith through these three basic truths:

  • I will love God because He will never stop loving me.
  • I will follow Jesus because He knows me better than I know myself.
  • I will live out God’s story so others can know who Jesus is.

XP3 Middle School is about more than just sermons and games (although we’ve got plenty of those). It’s a strategy designed to speak directly to a middle schooler – and the people who invest in them, too. XP3 Middle School is an opportunity for you to breathe a sigh of relief. We help you get it done without getting burned out. We think through the environment, teaching, small groups, and strategy for you, so you can do more of what only you can do in your middle school ministry.

We believe in you — as a leader and as a person passionate about the next generation of students. And we want to partner with you to help each student in your ministry to see God for who He is, to see themselves the way God sees them, and to love others the way He loves us.

We help you get to where you want to go by giving you more…


XP3 MS provides you with suggestions for every aspect of your environment (not just the teaching time). We provide suggestions for your set design, background playlists, worship sets, an ever-expanding games library,* and bumper videos and loop videos for each series. We even give you graphics and slides for every series – including images for Facebook and Instagram. The goal is to help you create an environment that, in every way possible, strategically reinforces the message you’re trying to communicate.
Why reinvent the wheel each week? XP3 MS provides comprehensive and customizable curriculum. With every session, we provide five things: a Teaching Outline and Script,** an Interactive * teaching experience, Teaching Audio, Teaching Videos,* and Student Note Pages.* Series are biblically based and strategically designed to cover the topics that most affect middle school students.
What you teach matters, but what matters most might be what happens in small groups. That’s why all of our teaching materials are designed to set up small groups to win. With each session, we include a Small Group Guide* for your leaders with a goal for small group, fun ice-breaker questions, carefully crafted discussion questions, and prompts for what to think about, say, and try, so the students in their groups can start to internalize the session’s bottom line. * NEW! Available only with XP3 Middle School
* NEW! Available only with XP3 Middle School
** Revised for XP3 Middle School


XP3 MS gives you a strategic three-year scope and cycle so you can see what you’ll be teaching next month, next season, next year… even for the whole course of a middle schooler’s time in your ministry! Every series in our scope and cycle provides topical and biblical content on what a middle schooler needs to hear (and when they need to hear it) throughout their middle school years.
Here at XP3 MS, we know that parents are the primary influence in the life of a middle schooler. That’s why we want to help you engage the family, as you come alongside and equip parents to support their student’s faith. XP3 MS includes a Parent Cue with each series that can prepare parents for conversations they may have with their student and challenges them to make the most of their influence in their kid’s life.
XP3 MS strives to help move students from learning information about God into experiencing a life of deeper faith, stronger relationships, and wiser choices. That’s because we believe application is crucial. That’s why XP3 MS creates an experiential activity (XP) for every series that will help middle school students continue to live what they are learning after they leave the four walls of our churches.


You probably spend lots of time trying to stay in touch with students, parents, and volunteers. With that in mind, XP3 MS provides you with tools to help stay in-touch and engaged with all three groups. There’s a Social Media Plan for parents and students, the Parent Cue, a Small Group Leader Email for every session, and easy integration with the Lead Small App. Everything you need is right at your fingertips.
When you subscribe to XP3 Middle School, you don’t just get curriculum – you get a partnership. You’ll have a dedicated Orange Specialist who can walk you through beginning XP3 MS, implementing the Orange strategy, managing multiple environments, and everything in between. You’ll also receive valuable training videos and resources in your inbox on a regular basis to help you do middle school ministry better.
XP3 MS is a part of a bigger strategy called Orange, which believes that two influences combined make a greater impact than two separate influences. For us, those two influences are church and home. XP3 MS is designed to help you increase your influence with middle schoolers by providing you tools to connect them with their parents, their small group leaders, and to help them grow a faith they can call their own.

Statement of Faith


God is the one and only true God, yet He exists in three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. God is the Creator, so everything belongs to Him and is under His control. God is holy, so He is righteous, majestic, and loving. God is all knowing and purposeful, so He’s at work to bring about His will. No person, thing, or idea compares to God.


God reveals Himself to us through the Bible, and it is 100% accurate, reliable, and authoritative.


People are made in God’s image and for His pleasure. But everybody falls short of God’s intention, or ideal, for people. In other words, everyone has sinned. As a result, we are all separated from Him, even though He wants an intimate relationship with each of us.


That’s why Jesus-God’s Son-came and lived on this earth, died, and rose again. God offers His free gift of salvation to all who believe in Jesus and accept Him as Savior-the only way to be forgiven and reconciled to God. Anyone who accepts this gift is adopted as a son or daughter into God’s family and will live with Him forever in heaven.